About Us

Humanity is a culture. QUESTXUN is the Uniform.

Humans are always seeking. Quest means to seek, xun (寻) means to seek in Mandarin. We seek by asking Questxun Question.

First, we seek ourselves. If you do not understand yourself, your life has not started. 

Second, we seek our path. After understanding yourself, you will seek your place in the world. 

Third, we seek what is at the end of our path. The most important thing to do is to walk it. 


The world needs to change.

But the world will not change unless the people within it change.

And a person will not change unless 

  1. He/She wants to. From the bottom of his/her heart. 
  2. He/She is influenced by the environment. 


At Questxun, We believe that for all individuals: What we think, matters. What we speak, matters. What we do, matters. What we stand for, matters. What we carry on our back, matters. 

Because we are the environment.