3 Seasons

“Three Season man?”


Guest: "I've heard that your teacher is very wise, so you must be quite knowledgeable. Would you mind answering my question?"


Student: "Sure."


Guest: "Actually, my question is quite simple. How many seasons are there in a year?"


Student: "Four seasons."


Guest: "No, there are only three seasons in a year!"


Student: "Four seasons!"


Guest: "Three seasons!"


Student: "Four Seasons!!" 


Guest: "Three seasons!!" 


A few hours later, the wise teacher of the student heard the commotion, and the student explained the situation to him. The teacher observed for a while.


Teacher: "Indeed, there are only three seasons in a year."


Teacher: "This gentleman is correct; his year indeed consists of only three seasons!"


Student: ?


Guest: *left after mocking student”


Student: "This contradicts what you taught, as there are indeed four seasons in a year!"


Student: “Teacher, how many seasons are there in a year?”


Teacher: “Four seasons.”


Student: ??


Teacher: “The man is dressed in green. Clearly, he is a grasshopper who resides in the field. Grasshoppers are born in spring and perish in autumn. They only encounter spring, summer, and autumn throughout their lives. How will they ever witness winter? In his perception, there exists no concept of winter. You may persist in debating with him, yet no resolution will be reached. If you don’t agree with him, will he leave?"


Your truth is different from his truth.


Different environment.

Different experience.

Different culture.

Different language.

Different parents.

Different upbringing.

Different friends.

Different personality.

Different character.

Different ‘genetics’.


Sometimes, it's easy to overlook that our parents, siblings, spouse, children, and friends, despite being the people closest to us, are individuals with their own experiences and memories, equally as vivid as our own.


It's all a matter of perspective.

It's okay if they don't understand.

It is okay. 


Do you have the heart to accept their experiences, memories, and feelings?


Besides, have you considered why you feel the need to persuade them and gain their agreement?


On the flip side, beware, you too could become the Three-Season Man.


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